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New Daycare Center for
Kids Connect USA

Please join us at our new daycare center for children ages 2-5. The official grand opening will be on Monday July 1, 2024. We can't wait to see you and your children there!


5 full days 9AM - 5PM $1,350 / month

full days 9AM - 5PM $1,025 / month

5 half days 9AM - 1PM $1,025 / month


 Daycare starts September 1, 2024! 

Thanks to everyone for a successful Open House!

We also raised $4,300 for the Fundraiser in the name of

Andrew J. Bacolo. We couldn't have done it without all of you!

Sign Up For Our Summer Program

Register before March 2024 and receive a 10% Discount!!

Summer Camp 2024

Looking for a fun and educational summer program for your kids? Sign up now and watch them thrive with engaging activities and a chance to make new friends! Don't miss out on this opportunity to create lasting memories and boost their skills for the future.

Building Bridges, Embracing All

Our program focuses on providing comprehensive support and resources to create a nurturing and inclusive environment for individuals from all backgrounds. We prioritize fostering a sense of belonging, promoting personal growth, and ensuring equal access to opportunities for everyone involved in the program.


Our Programs

With the help of our programs, we give your child the tools necessary to engage with other children in conversation and engaging activities. Some of these skills will include taking turns, compromising, dealing with winning and losing, expressing anger and using appropriate language for their own wants and needs.

Program Flyers


Movement Class

Our movement class for kids is designed to help them improve their strength, mobility, balance, and overall fitness in a fun and engaging way. In this class, children will participate in a variety of activities and exercises that are specifically tailored to their age and developmental stage.

Art Class

In our art clas, children will have the opportunity to engage in various art forms such as painting, drawing, sculpture, and building. We provide a wide range of materials and tools, allowing children to experiment and express themsevles in their own unique ways.

Saturday Fun Class

This interactive class offers a mix of different movements and an exhilarating obstacle course, designed to engage and entertain young minds while promoting physical development and coordination. With a combination of fun activities and challenges, your child will have a blast while enhancing their motor skills, balance, and agility.

Zumba and Music Class

This dynamic class combines the excitement of Zumba exercises with the joy of music, creating a perfect blend of fun and fitness. Led by our experienced instructors, children will learn various Zumba moves and dance routines that are easy to follow and filled with enthusiasm. They will also enjoy a wide range of upbeat and age-appropriate music that will get them moving and grooving.

Music + Stick Drumming Class

In this engaging class, children will have the opportunity to learn the basics of drumming using specially designed drumsticks and practice pads. They will discover different drumming techniques, rhythms, and patterns, all while having a blast!

Program Highlights

Check out some of the amazing times our children have here at Kids Connect USA! Every second is a moment of play and learning.

"My daughter has been attending Kids Connect for years. She loves going and the staff is wonderful. Ms. Pierra is so patient and full of love. The teen class is phenomenal and my daughter feels comfortable and accepted in the program."
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