Mission Statement


Kids Connect USA is an integrated socialization program for children with a diverse array of disabilities that include but are not limited to: Autism, PDD, ADHD, Asperger's Syndrome, Social Anxiety and Speech Disorders. Kids Connect USA started in 2007 and has experienced tremendous growth since opening our doors. 


 "Our years of experience of working with children has shown us how important socialization skills are for success in every day life as well as academic growth. A child can excel in academics, but if he or she can not hold a conversation or communicate effectively, it will be difficult for them to get along in our social world."  


Social role models also play an important part of Kids Connect USA's Social Groups. The typically developing peers demonstrate conversation, turn taking, appropriate language, patience and the ability to work as part of a group. We take pride in envisioning a world in which our children can grow up expiring, thinking for themselves, socializing with peers and making the most of life for themselves and others.



Chris Caruso has been educating young children for twenty years.  Her experiences range from toddler through middle school.  She has used her knowledge to educate autistic and typically developing children.  She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and is a trained Montessori teacher.




Piera Bacolo has been an educator for eighteen years, fourteen years in which she has been an ABA therapist. She has taught children ranging from the ages of 2-10. Piera Holds an Associates in Liberal Arts and a Bachelors in Speech and Hearing.



Chris Caruso 




"As a Head Teacher she is a true professional, performing her duties with the utmost efficiency and ability. She is innovative and dynamic in the classroom, infusing her students with tremendous motivation and instilling in them the joy of learning. She aids without reprimand, corrects without disparagement and teaches by example. She is popular with the faculty, students and their parents.

Bonnie Hasse-Pinto


Socially, I know Chris to be a person of moral principle, grace and polish, and someone who can handle the amenities of any situation. She is bright, inquisitive and multi-talented. She has a gentle sense-of-humor which serves her well. It is without reservation that I recommend her to your attention." 



       Bonnie Hasse-Pinto





"Christina Caruso was first employed at Kinder Care Creative Montessori School in 1993. Over the years she has shown herself to be dependable, responsible and mature. As a teacher, Chris is imaginative, creative, hard-working and dedicated.


In addition to working with children, Chris has given workshops to parents as well as teachers. In this capacity she has been able to switch gears from teaching children to adults quite successfully.


Chris is sensitive to the needs and different levels of understanding of her students and can adapt materials as well as her presentations so that the information can be absorbed. She welcomes questions and answers them in ways that illuminate the subject."


I recommend her without reservation.


Yours Truly,


Dolores Reig




Piera Bacolo




 I met Piera many years ago in a fluke of nature.  I felt that my daughter may have had a developmental problem.  My cousin was in the doctor's office and met Piera and started talking to her and told her about my daughter.  Piera took immediate interest and ask my cousin for my phone number.  The next day I received a phone call from Piera and I explained my situation about my daughter.  Piera immediately set up an appointment to meet with my daughter.


 Piera had done an academic assessment on my daughter and academically she was age appropriate.  Piera recommended that my daughter could use some reinforcement in her listening skills.  Through Piera's expertise she advised me to use a behavioral reward and consequence chart.  Piera had explained fully on how to use this technique and that if I used consistently that it would work. 


I started the chart in April and in June my daughter’s teacher had told me that my daughter had done a 360 turn around and was amazed on how she changed.  When my daughter’s teacher said that to me,  I just wanted to cry of happiness to know that someone on the outside noticed the change in my daughter.  It may me feel really good to know that Piera was there every step of the way and guide me through any questions I had.  As a result by using it consistently it did work.  


If it wasn’t for my cousin meeting Piera that day in the doctor’s office I don’t know what I would have done.  All I have to say is that Piera is a god sent.  Piera is a very kind, caring and giving person who always put the children’s needs first no matter what.  I recommend Piera fully in regards to any children’s needs,  I feel that with Piera's knowledge and expertise that she is able to assess a child and help them to reach their highest potential."




Dawn Reilly


I have known Piera Bacolo as a professional colleague for the past ten years. It didn't take us long to discover that Piera is a rare and gifted teacher. She is extremely sensitive to children with special needs, and makes a difference in their lives.


Piera is one of the most genuine, caring, trusted and responsible human beings that I have been privileged to know. She is also an intelligent educator for children who are lucky enough to be in her care.




Trudy Weintraub